Social Responsibility

National Grid Investment Recovery and Recycling Services Department has partnered with Arc of Onondaga to employ in 1984 offering vocational employment to mentally and physically challenged workers.

  • 20 – 30 employees in Liverpool,New York working alongside National Grid Employees.
  • 7-10 Seven Hills employees at our satellite location in Sutton, MA at National Grid’s New England Distribution Center
  • Workers sort scrap metal, wire, and cable, de-reel wire and cable, wire and cardboard bailing, paper shredding and document destruction services, disassemble street lights, gas and electric meters, sort, clean, and repackage reusable pole line materials and tools, janitorial services, baseline work, and special projects.

Investment Recovery & Recycling Services

Two investment recovery processing warehouses serving New England and New York State regions.

Wire Granulation:

  • 1991 started operations in New York
  • Environmentally safe metal processing
  • Aluminum and copper separated and sold via commodity markets
  • 2002 began processing New England wire
  • 2007 opened satellite sorting location in New England
  • Supports New York and New England transmission and distribution operations.

Stations Equipment

Investment Recovery provides contract management for substation dismantling projects of structures and equipment for the company in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

IR partners with Safety, Environmental, Outsource Construction, Substation Construction Services, and Project Management to ensure that all removals and disposals are done in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Bulk Non PCB Oil

FY 2016 277,215 gallons of non PCB oil were removed which generated $53,136.50.

Material Receipts & Returns

Investment Recovery manages material returns left over from company operational jobs back into the storeroom warehouses system wide. This work task of internal redeployment promotes the reuse of active surplus materials. This avoids unnecessary new purchases and associated costs saving the company significant revenue.

Environmentally safe disposal, recycling, and sale of scrap materials.

  • Transformers
  • Steel
  • Lead Cable
  • Substation Equipment
  • Tools and materials
  • Plastics – Both Gas and Electric
  • Electric and Gas meters

On average, IR has recycled, sold, and/or refurbished over 16,000 distribution transformers per year. National Grid purchases repaired units at significantly reduced rates covering three states: New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.



Watch Our Operation in Action!

ARC Workers perform the following duties:

  • Sort scrap metal, wire and cable
  • De-reel wire and cable
  • Bail wire and cardboard
  • Document destruction services (paper shredder)
  • Disassemble street lights, gas and electric meters
  • Sort, clean and repackage reusable pole line hardware materials and tools
  • Janitorial services